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Smarano, a former independent municipality, is now part of the municipality of Predaia, and is located at an altitude of 987m above sea level. Today it counts about 500 inhabitants. It was founded by the romans, as witnessed by several archaeological finds and by the foundations of a building of roman origin in the locality  named Torre.

Of remarkable quality and historical interest is the church dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, dating back to the XII-XIII century. Damaged by fire in 1759, was then rebuilt in baroque and renaissance style. Within you can find a baroque organ of particular value, built in 1993 by will of the redidents by the master organ builder Glauco Ghilardi from Lucca (


Since then Smarano has become host to the “Smarano International Organ Academy”. Every year students and professionals from every part of the world gather together  to attend the academy and offer prestigious exhibitions and concert of music for organ, clavichord and harpsichord. (


Not to be missed is the Art and Antiques Gallery owned by the renowned painter Celso Cavosi.

Smarano offers many walks with breathtaking views, suitable for all ages, surrounded by nature and woods. It is a perfect for those seeking a quite and relaxing holiday.




The Val di Non is characterized by the presence of the large artificial lake of Santa Giustina; it has a deep history since the time of the ancient romans, who inhabited it. In the Middle Ages the valley witnessed the building of several castles, some of which are now open to the public, the sanctuary of San Romedio, the Palazzo Assessorile of Cles and Coredo, the latter known to the historical chronicles as home of the witch trials held during the Inquisition of the XVII century, and from then on remembered as the "Black Palace".

The valley is also known for the enormous production of apples, which for many years has been at the core of the local economy.

To the tourists, as well as historical routes, wine and food of quality, the valley offers the possibility of endless hiking, biking or horseback riding, breathtaking scenery, and a holiday in close contact with nature.





Not to be missed is an excursion to Castel Thun, one of the most beautiful castles of the valley. (


Castel Valer, recently opened to the public (


Castel Nanno, which is said to be haunted by the tormented souls of two lovers walled up alive because of their belonging to rival families (


The Rhaetian museum of Sanzeno (


The sanctuary of San Romedio, which you can reach from Smarano along a comfortable walk in the woods or from Sanzeno along a picturesque path carved in the mountain side (





Near Smarano, several restaurants offer traditional dishes and sophisticated menus to indulge every palate and every need.


For gastronomy lovers, the Corrà butcher shop offers quality meats, ready-made dishes and typical products, gifts and souvenires and anything you may need for your barbecue. (


The Hotel Miravalle in Coredo offers the restaurant-pizzeria Nardi's and the Blue Island spa, to combine relax, well-being and great food (


In Tavon, the Pineta Hotel offers a fine menu, typical dishes and homemade sweets (


The restaurant Credai in Sfruz offers pizza and traditional dishes.


The refuge Predaia Ai Todes'ci offers a fine cuisine with a breathtaking view on the Dolomites of Brenta (


Near the woods, the restaurant Sette Larici offers traditional dishes and fine cuisine. (


To experience eating in a renovated medieval castle, Castel Vasio is the perfect choice (


..and for the true gourmet, the michelin-starred chef Cristian Bertol awaits you at the restaurant Orso Grigio in Ronzone. (




From the location Merlonga in Smarano, tourists can take a path with panoramic terraces overlooking the two lakes of Coredo and the sanctuary of San Romedio, which they can reach following a branch of the path.


The lakes of Coredo are a perfect place to go fishing.


From the Predaia pass a path leads to the Corno di Tres.


 In Tavon, Agritur Agostini offers horse-riding excursions and riding lessons for children and adults. (


From the village of Fondo a path leads through the canyon Rio Sass and the beautiful Lago Smeraldo. Not far away, the Pradiei fields are perfect for long and relaxing walks in the green. In the village you can also admire one of the two water clocks in Italy. The second one is in Rome.


It is recommended a tour to the canyon Rio Sass. Booking by the local tourist office is mandatory. (


From Fondo you can also walk up to the top of the Macaion, from which you can admire a spectacular view of Bolzano and the Adige Valley.